Our Mission

About Need It Academy

A big business starts small. Teaching people how to build a brand and elevating their mindset through the process. Anyone can start a brand but very few have the proper information and infrastructure required to actually grow. Building a brand is not easy, but all you need is a push and some guidance to do it all. 

How Others will benefit from Need It Academy

Starting and running a business is no walk in the park. The real growth start with personal development. The foundational course teaches how to overcome fear, doubt, and limiting beliefs by changing our habits and outlook on things. Your mindset is the anchor to productivity , finishing projects and taking action to building your brand. The advantage of committing to the course is that you can go through the content on your own time. There are also several ways to intake the information provided in each module (video content, podcast audio, and written resources) including pop up quizzes that help retain information and test your knowledge. By having the course information you will always be able to refer back to it as you continue on your path. 

Podcast Overview

Podcasts are great. They give you a raw and real perspective of the message that is being delivered. It’s important to have several ways to intake information so including podcast audio within the course is a hidden gem. Listen to it on the way to work, while you’re working out, or running errands. PS. Listen to the audio as you begin each module so you have a better understanding of what you will learn in that chapter.